The results

Quad’s LMP leveraged AI to provide the client’s local marketing partners with hundreds of pre-approved base templates as well as data on over 3,000 provider locations. The platform enabled virtually limitless art permutations that could be used easily across multiple channels. Media requests from design to production order went from 2-3 weeks to mere minutes, establishing a secure foundation for progressive media-mix optimization. Additionally, costs were lowered and speed-to-market was increased.

of pre-approved base templates
provider locations of data
on-time delivery
manual-touch reduction

Manual processes, time-to-market and labor were all made more efficient. Overall, a complex marketing experience was simplified into an easy process.

The challenge

A leading national health insurer depends heavily on locally planned marketing. Its corporate marketing department empowers local client marketers — those who best know their communities — to produce promotional and informational materials. But those materials need to meet certain requirements: They have to fit the client’s brand standards while accurately representing the local network of physicians and other service providers, and they must be CMS compliant. Finally, the materials often need to be co-branded accurately with any of thousands of local providers’ information.

The client also needed to simplify its process and streamline its workflow. Upon assessment, Quad discovered that the health insurance provider’s existing process was offline, manual, time-consuming and inefficient.

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The solution

Quad proposed a fully online campaign-management solution that could output easily accessible versions for local marketers while staying true to their brand standards and compliance requirements. The client agreed, and Quad stepped in to:

Following a comprehensive assessment of the current workflow, Quad’s team deployed a highly customized version of our Local Marketing Platform (LMP) to establish an all-in-one media optimization tool for local marketing builds.

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