Generative AI and CGI for brand imagery — a 2024 guide for marketers

Delve into the nuanced landscape of generative AI and how it impacts marketing.

May 17th, 2024

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From wonder at its capabilities to concerns over job displacement, marketers are caught in a balancing act of embracing generative AI’s potential while proceeding with caution.

To help strike a balance, this white paper offers insights into deploying generative AI responsibly, focusing on its visual applications. In this paper, you’ll discover:

  • Key considerations for marketers, including alignment with brand values and copyright complexities

  • How to navigate the terrain where creativity and automation intersect

  • Real-world examples that underscore the importance of ethical deployment and brand control

  • Advice on updating internal AI training protocols and policies for your marketing team

As generative AI continues to reshape marketing strategies, “Generative AI and CGI for brand imagery: A 2024 guide for marketers” serves as a compass to guide marketers through the opportunities and challenges ahead.