Make a Difference

Qualifies as part of QLife Wellness Rewards.

Opportunity Runs Jan. 1 – Oct. 31, 2023

Every day, Quad employees make a difference by giving back and donating time to causes, organizations and loved ones across the nation. Volunteerism is a core requirement of QLife Wellness Rewards because it supports local community involvement and inspires change through company-wide storytelling. Volunteering has proven physical, emotional, and social benefits that contribute to total wellness.​

Maybe you’re already volunteering, serving at your place of worship, taking care of a loved one or involved in other selfless acts – make it count towards QLife Wellness Rewards. We want to learn about all the great things you’re already doing.

You’ll get credit for the make a difference step when you submit your story here:

Get Involved

Research shows that volunteering is good for health — and good for workplace culture


reported an improved mood


of U.S. adults feel physically healthier by volunteering


reported lower stress levels

Opportunities to volunteer

Not sure where to start? These organizations have opportunities to get involved and have been recommended by members of Quad BRGs.

How did you make a difference?

Dont forget: get credit toward your QLife Wellness Rewards by reporting where and when you gave back to your community. Tell us a story about what it meant to you and those you helped — we might feature it on the InsideQuad Make a Difference Monday page to inspire others


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