The results

Within the first 3 months of managing Stanley Steemer’s search program, Rise, a Quad agency, blew past the goal of increasing jobs by 10%. By aggressively expanding the volume of keywords and ad groups, many branches and franchises were able to increase their search budgets to take advantage of the successful performance.

improvement on ROI
increase in monthly revenue
decrease in cost per job
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About Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer is a leading US carpet and floor cleaning brand with independently owned and operated franchise locations. Paid search was a key contributor to Steemer’s sales in recent years, and Steemer sought to up-level their search program to better meet the needs of their franchise owners, reduce the cost per scheduled job, and increase the total volume of jobs. Specifically, Steemer wanted a 10% increase in total jobs.

The challenge

Supporting Steemer’s complexity―over 110 individual franchise owners and 35 branches, each with location-specific targeting and messaging needs―would be the most challenging part. With an increase in smaller, less expensive local competitors, each media dollar would also need to work harder than ever to continue generating jobs and revenue. Last, but certainly not least, Steemer needed a plan that would impact performance, fast.

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The solution

Steemer partnered with Rise to develop a three-part strategy to grow the overall volume of jobs driven by search, decrease cost per job, and hit the ground running to have an immediate impact, all while better aligning the search program to franchise owner business outcomes:

Rise built a technology-supported measurement framework within Connex to:

By using a sophisticated technology stack, we were able to execute and manage this complex campaign within Steemer’s budget.

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