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Our story is one of relentless evolution and embracing change

Quad is a publicly traded marketing company with $3 billion in revenue. Our clients include Adidas, Chevrolet, CVS, Geico, General Mills, Humana, L.L. Bean, New York Life, Rubbermaid, Toyota and literally thousands of others.

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Our story

We serve the world’s best brands with holistic, fully optimized, multichannel, through-the-line marketing solutions.

Empower. Trust. Innovate.

Our values guide everything we do as a company. We strive to empower each other, deliver success to our clients, and drive positive change in our business and the world we share.

See our values in action
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Bleeding edge. Holistic. Global.

Over the years, we’ve continued to expand and innovate. Through acquisitions we’ve increased our technological capabilities, deepened our strategic expertise and broadened our global presence.

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Partners. Thinkers. Learners.

Along our journey, we’ve been thrilled to win awards for innovation in printing and marketing, but we’re especially proud to have been recognized as a great place to work. Our commitment to continuous growth as a company extends to our people.

When you dream a little, common people, working together, can do uncommon things.

Harry V. Quadracci
Founder, 1936-2002
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