Uncommon things

“When you dream a little, common people, working together, can do uncommon things.” – Harry V. Quadracci, Founder, 1936-2002

When Harry V. Quadracci started Quad/Graphics, it was with the intention of creating a company where everyone worked together for a common goal. This hasn’t changed. Quad is a company with a soul.

The strong foundation of our values is what makes us able to build, pivot and scale our company. It’s also what allows us to meet clients where they’re at and remove friction from their marketing experience.

Believe in people

Achieving success for our clients starts with our people. At Quad, we believe in giving them the resources, opportunities, and advantages they need to create the future.

Do the right thing

It’s simple. This is the code we live by and extend to our clients and communities. People want to engage with a company they trust, and we are committed to earning that trust through effective practices, programs, and policies.

Urgently innovate

It’s not enough to keep up with a changing landscape, you have to anticipate it. At Quad, we like to solve problems rapidly, and are willing to fail fast and pivot in the quest for innovation. Over 50 years, we’ve evolved from commercial printer to a marketing experience partner – and are excited to see where we go with our clients next.