SUSSEX, WI, March 30, 2023 — Quad/Graphics, Inc. (NYSE: QUAD), a global
marketing experience company, announced the LAMà Band, an innovative and sustainable solution for packaging the company’s proprietary signage offering. LAMà Displays will now be delivered to retailers bundled with an easy-to-remove band made of the same recyclable paperboard used for the signs themselves.

With assembly instructions printed directly on the LAMà Bands, they are
expected to eliminate 330,000 plastic polybags, 330,000 one-time-use paper
instruction sheets, 660 paper-ream wraps, 66 corrugated boxes, 132 plastic
straps, and eight wooden pallets from ever entering the waste stream every year. (Based on Quad’s 2022 sales data.)

The creation of the LAMà Band is a story of Quad’s “maker culture” in action. Its concept originated with the Quad In-Store division’s structural design team, which was tasked with developing innovative ideas that would advance Quad’s ongoing commitment to sustainability – for its own business and for its clients. This update to the LAMà Display packaging is also cost-neutral, and the change removes friction for retailers by making the assembly process even easier.


Innovative LAMà® Band rids hard-to-recycle waste from in-store signage

The LAMà® Band, a new packaging solution from Quad for its proprietary LAMá Displays, eliminates the need for single-use plastic bags and paper instruction sheets (pictured on left). The cost-neutral solution (right) showcases Quad’s steadfast commitments to sustainability and innovation – for its own business, and for its clients.


“The LAMà Band is a testament to the innovation in Quad’s DNA. The company was founded on the idea that there’s a better way. This eco-friendly solution – which came from a ‘moonshot’ idea – is just that: a better way,” said Kelly Burt, Vice President of Quad In-Store. “This is another important step in our ongoing sustainability journey. I can’t wait to see what we do next.”

“The simplest way to reduce waste is through innovative solutions centered on the principles of continuous improvement, which is exactly what Quad is doing here,” said Maura Packham, Quad Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility. “We’re committed to advancing our own environmental initiatives and bringing sustainable solutions to our clients. These are intentional changes to our offerings that we believe will generate long-term environmental benefits and contribute to our bottom line.”

View a comparison of the old and new LAMà packaging in this video.

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About Quad

Quad (NYSE: QUAD) is a global marketing experience company that gives brands a more streamlined, impactful, flexible and frictionless way to go to market and reach consumers. Quad’s strategic priorities are powered by three key competitive advantages that include integrated marketing platform excellence, ongoing innovation, and culture and social purpose. The company’s integrated marketing platform is powered by a set of core specialties including strategy and consulting, data and analytics, technology solutions, media services, creative and content solutions, and managed services.

Serving more than 2,900 clients, Quad has approximately 15,000 people working in 14 countries around the world.

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