At the end of last month, Digiday, an online publication that provides advertising, publishing and media news, announced Quad as a finalist for their 2023 WorkLife Awards. Quad proudly joins big hitters like Audible, Benevity and PagerDuty in the category “Most Committed to Social Good.”

The WorkLife awards highlight organizations with strong company cultures built on values that run deep throughout the organization. The awards recognize top employers and the values that make them unique. In the “Most Committed to Social Good” category, Digiday recognizes employers who have shown the greatest level of support to social causes through employee empowerment, extracurricular programs and community partnerships.

“Our goal at Quad has always been to create a values-driven workplace where talent is recognized, rewarded and developed, and where everyone has a strong sense of belonging,” says Quad’s Chief Human Resources Officer Rob Quadracci. “Through company-wide initiatives, we have focused on creating day-to-day flexibility where employees are able to manage daily responsibilities in their work and personal lives.”

These initiatives include expansive health and wellness offerings like convenient healthcare access through onsite and near-site clinics, comprehensive behavioral health connections and a wellness program that promotes physical, emotional, social and financial safety.

Additionally, Quad’s DEI learning programs foster allyship through topics such as eliminating unconscious bias, identifying microaggressions and strengthening one’s intercultural competency.

These internal initiatives mirror Quad’s dedication to external community cultivation, like Quad’s leading contribution to a local redevelopment project, Melvina Park.

Better community is built on Quad

As part of its ongoing efforts to revitalize public spaces, the city of Milwaukee initiated a substantial upgrade to Melvina Park, the first since the mid-1990s. With contributions from donors like Quad and Burke Foundation, the city aims to address the needs of the Century City Triangle Neighborhood, which has faced challenges due to years of disinvestment.

The project, expected to transform the park into a four-acre space with enhanced amenities such as native plantings, storm water management and multi-purpose courts, underscores Quad’s commitment to the community. With the combined efforts of city investment, grants and private donations, Melvina Park’s expansion symbolizes a broader commitment to neighborhood revitalization and sustainable urban development, reinforcing the city’s dedication to fostering vibrant public spaces for all residents.

Spreading “Maker Culture” across the city

Melvina Park isn’t Quad’s first presence in the neighborhood. June 2023 marked the grand opening of Quad MKE, a recruiting and training hub for talent acquisition, skills development and community outreach initiatives.

Joel Quadracci, Quad’s Chairman, President and CEO, emphasized the company’s dedication to addressing barriers to employment and nurturing a skilled workforce essential for driving innovation in marketing experiences.

“Quad MKE represents our long-term dedication to work with the community and help overcome the inhibitors to family-sustaining careers,” said Quadracci. “Quad is built on a unique ‘maker’ culture that focuses on problem-solving for our clients, and that requires a talented, quality workforce. Quad MKE is providing the tools, training and transportation necessary to attract the talent that will propel us forward as a marketing experience company.”

Through initiatives like Quad MKE and investments such as the Melvina Park expansion, Quad aims to contribute to job readiness and the overall well-being of the local community, aspiring to inspire further investment in the area.

Quad’s creative impact

Quad’s commitment to social good lives in its work as well as in its corporate initiatives.

In 2023, Periscope, a Quad company, debuted its pro bono brand campaign for Black-owned Minnesota-based company TurnSignl. The TurnSignl mobile app boosts users’ road safety and confidence by enabling instant video chat with attorneys during encounters with law enforcement.

TurnSignl began developing the app in October 2020, partly in response to George Floyd’s killing and reports on racial disparities in traffic stops. After launching in its 50th state in September 2023, the app is now available nationwide.

More than a finalist

Though Quad celebrates its recognition in the Digiday WorkLife Awards, it remains dedicated to fostering positive change and making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve, embodying our commitment to integrity, innovation and inclusivity. These principles drive Quad’s client work, corporate impact and internal culture at Quad locations around the world.

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