Sussex, WI, USA and Rehovot, Israel – May 24, 2022 – Landa Digital Printing™, which liberates printers from barriers inherent to traditional digital and conventional analog printing; and Quad, a global marketing experience company, announced today that Quad is adding the Landa S10P Nanographic Printing® Press to its In-Store Solutions production lineup. The Landa S10P, equipped with a powerful digital front end, introduces a new standard in printing speed, format, efficiency and data-driven digital applications; expanding the digital capabilities for B1-format printing and offering unlimited variable print options at very fast speeds and at the highest quality available.

The S10P supports Quad’s unique “through the line” offering for marketers – from strategy and creative through production, execution, and analytics for marketing that is more efficient and effective. Today, with people living, working and learning from anywhere, marketing that is delivered at the right amplitude for customer response and engagement is essential. Key to Quad’s multidimensional marketing approach is removing friction in the marketing process, clearing the way for deeper and better customer engagement across channels. One very effective retail marketing strategy is to utilize two strong application segments – in-store and personalized customer engagement – both of which mandate supreme print quality that only the Landa press can provide.

“Quad clients are enthusiastic about what’s coming their way with the S10P,” says Tim Ohnmacht, president of In-Store Solutions at Quad. “The S10P will support time-sensitive, in-store production with the highest caliber imagery, in the most compressed cycle times we’ve ever offered. Two-sided signs, measuring up to 41 inches, in all their remarkable brand colors, will print and ship faster than ever. Brands will be able to respond and execute on market changes with higher – much higher – frequency.”

Ohnmacht and his team are also enthusiastic about the ability to drive personalization at the individual store level. At 6,500 sheets per hour, every image on a sheet, and every sheet, in any run length, can be variable.

“Quad has a relentless focus on innovation and client success,” Ohnmacht adds. “Being able to deliver these solutions to our clients keeps us right where we are most comfortable – on the leading edge of solving for our clients’ marketing challenges.”

The seven-color perfecting Landa S10P prints 96% of Pantone colors and is the fastest B1/41” digital printing press on the market. The S10P’s feature profile fulfills the needs of printers who want to capitalize on their existing investments in traditional offset while expanding into the next generation of digital printing.

Dave Calmes, Quad manager of Corporate Press Support, spearheaded Quad’s press research and is especially keen about the Landa S10P’s double delivery because it can handle short run fill-ins that would otherwise be produced on one of Quad’s sheetfed presses. “This is what a premier marketing experience is all about,” Calmes says. “With the double delivery on the S10P, we can get short runs done quickly, without concern for quality or consistency.”

“Print leaders stay ahead of the curve by incorporating cutting-edge solutions that affect real change,” says Landa Digital Printing’s chief executive officer, Gil Oron. “By investing in the S10P, Quad substantiates Nanography’s role in breaking barriers inherent in traditional digital and offset printing. Landa is proud to have Quad as a strategic partner and looks forward to supporting Quad and its clients with our revolutionary technology. We continue our commitment to developing state of the art Nanography solutions to benefit Quad, as well as the entire market, as time goes on.”

About Quad 

Quad (NYSE: QUAD) is a global marketing experience company that helps brands reimagine their marketing to be more streamlined, impactful, flexible, and frictionless. Quad’s strategic priorities are powered by three key competitive advantages that include integrated marketing platform excellence, innovation, and culture and social purpose. The company’s integrated marketing platform is powered by a set of core specialties including business strategy, insights and analytics, technology solutions, managed services, agency and studio solutions, media, print, in-store, and packaging. Serving over 4,600 clients, Quad has more than 15,000 people working in 14 countries around the world. Please visit for more information.

About Landa Digital Printing

Landa Digital Printing™ liberates printers from barriers inherent to traditional digital and conventional analog printing. Landa Nanographic Printing® Presses produce stunning images of unbeatable color range, of any run length, on any coated or uncoated paper, and in the fastest turnaround times, thanks to its unique technology: Nanography®.  Landa Digital Printing is owned by its majority shareholder, Benny Landa; and ALTANA and SKion, both wholly owned by German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten.

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