Nurturing trust: How to craft personalized connections in health marketing

Connect with your audience to drive engagement and revenue.

May 23rd, 2024

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Personalization in health marketing can help you reach the right customer, drive engagement and ultimately boost revenue. But doing it at scale? That’s where it gets tricky for many marketers.

Quad’s on-demand webinar, “Nurturing Trust: How to Craft Personalized Connections in Health Marketing,” is a must-watch for health marketing teams.

Our experts, Jennifer Hickman (VP, Health Strategy & Growth) and Brian Wendle (VP, Digital Strategy), partnered with HealthcareDive to share strategies that help health marketers dial into their customers’ needs.

Watch the full webinar to discover:

  • Why personalization matters in health marketing

  • How the right strategy can produce more relevant customer engagement and ultimately more revenue

  • How to gather and use the right data for personalization