Steve Jaeger

Chief Information Officer


As Chief Information Officer for Quad, Steve Jaeger oversees the company’s Information Technology division. He directs the development and deployment of Smartools – Quad’s proprietary systems and applications to help employees and clients do their jobs better, faster, and more cost-effectively – as well as advanced software applications that improve client workflows and data management.

Steve thinks of the ever-evolving world of enterprise-level technology like a Rubik’s cube. It takes an open mind, a willingness to embrace change, and a love of problem-solving to keep trying new options and get to the right result – and it takes a tireless commitment to do that on a constant basis.

Steve joined Quad’s Information Technology division in 1994 and was given a management position two years later. He has held roles of increasing responsibility in the company ever since.

In addition to leading the company’s IT teams and initiatives, Steve’s tenure at Quad has also included overseeing Corporate Facilities and the direct marketing group. When Quad acquired Worldcolor in 2010, he served as Integration Leader and oversaw the Project Management Office, and he helped launch and later ran QuadSystems, a business unit dedicated to creating advanced software solutions for clients, including complex page planning and workflow management.

Steve lives in Waukesha, Wisc., with his wife. Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his three children and his granddaughter.

Steve graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a bachelor’s degree in operations management.