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The role of craft beer packaging in purchase decisions

Using quantitative and qualitative data, Quad’s 2022 Craft Beer Packaging Study and Report identifies ways packaging influences purchase decisions.

Quad craft beer pkg insights

Do consumers find your brand on the shelf?

Do you have an effective “brand billboard” in stores?

Does your packaging help or hurt a consumer’s decision to buy your brand?

These are the types of questions answered by Quad’s 2022 Craft Beer Packaging Study and Report. We recruited a pool of qualified, demographically balanced consumers to shop in a store environment retail lab with 120 SKUs of craft beer. Then we analyzed their reactions using both quantitative eye-tracking data and qualitative purchase and survey responses.

The Craft Beer Packaging Study is the latest in a series of category studies by Quad. We’re a marketing experience company that leverages a 50-year history of platform excellence and innovation to help clients remove friction throughout the marketing process.

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