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The personal lending market in 2022

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What’s the big picture & what does it tell marketers?

Mixed economic signals make charting the customer journey and planning an effective marketing strategy harder than usual.

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Americans are still spending and looking for additional financial resources, but they have qualms.

  • The number of consumers who expect not only a recession but “one of the worst recessions we have seen” is twice what it was in 2020 and 2021 at the height of the pandemic — 30% vs. between 14% and 18%.*
  • Globally, more than half (54%) of consumers believe companies are raising prices beyond their own rising operating costs in an attempt to increase profits.
  • A belief in unfair pricing correlates to consumers planning to spend less.**

What to make of these trends? Quad’s new e-book “The personal lending climate: What’s the best course for financial institution marketers?” presents a comprehensive look at what’s going on in the marketplace now, and offers insights to help FI marketers succeed in this challenging environment.

Quad helps brands transform the marketing experience so it is more impactful, streamlined and frictionless, and we work with many financial institutions. You may be surprised at how we can help you solve your biggest challenges with tools and capabilities no one else in the industry has.

If you’d like to set up a few minutes to discuss what keeps you up at night and learn how Quad can help you drive success for your business, we’d be happy to connect.

* McKinsey & Co.
** Deloitte

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