National Big-Box Retailer

One of the largest general merchandise retailers in the United States opened more than a half-century ago, and now operates over 1,800 stores. In recent years, it’s become one of the most visited online stores because of a sterling reputation for customer service.


Customer expectations for service have evolved. Today, consumers expect brands to be available anywhere. Consistent messaging in shopping apps, direct mail, email, ads and other channels is vital throughout the process.

In order to integrate those channels, marketers need time and expertise. This big-box retailer’s app grew fast in popularity, but only had one employee manually assembling offers and mailings. Additionally, the platform had no built-in relative analytics, and no mailing list to supplement the online channel.

In order to stay on schedule, aggressive program goals and requirements took a backseat. Quality suffered, and the app couldn’t deliver the value customers had come to expect from competitors’ online retail channels. Finally, with a long production schedule, offers weren’t timely or relevant.


In close collaboration with the retailer, Quad strategists determined how the app could scale over time to align with goals. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) experts studied what customers wanted from the app, and how it would be more effective when integrated with in-store and direct mail. Quad’s data team worked on how the retailer could use the app’s data to customize offers, build a stronger mailing list and learn more about users. This work extended to quality assurance (QA) steps, program overhead, scheduling and even the supply chain.


  • -27 days in production schedule
  • App users have grown to 30+ million
  • Mail list now pulled closer to drop date, scalable for rapid growth goals