National Specialty Retailer

With stores spanning much of the eastern United States, this leading footwear retailer stocks affordable, stylish, functional and high-quality products for men, women and kids. Each of its locations is set up to serve local needs with knowledgeable, friendly staff.


This retailer didn’t have insight into how its direct mail campaigns performed with its target audience. Sales had lagged and marketers were unsure whether its direct mail offers, copy, images and formats could make a difference. Traditional tests with physical pieces are costly and take up to two years, with unclear results.


Accelerated Insights is a rapid test-and-learn platform that uses decades of direct mail data to predict the best design, message, call-to-action and layout for your needs. AI tests hundreds of variables to find the combination most likely to spur action before anything goes to print, all for less time and money than traditional testing. The platform virtually compares results for any audience segment to land on the right time, offer, creative and list for the control package — that’s what performs best out of up to 1,000 combinations, in under three months instead of two years.

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  • 200% greater response to Accelerated Insights vs. control package
  • Improved all KPIs by a minimum of 19%, including redemption rate, gross sales and gross margin
  • Reduced time & cost in testing process