Extreme efficiencies in delivery

Quad’s Logistics Services Include: 

  • Commingle
  • Co-mail
  • Co-palletization
  • Mail tracking
  • Delivery optimization
  • Postal consultation
  • Transportation Services


Cut costs and complications

Optimize your postage spend by combining your mail program with others delivering to like destinations. Achieve the lowest cost per piece mailed when combining your letter size mail with the campaigns of other marketers. Commingling creates bundles of mail for specific delivery destinations, allowing for less USPS handing and quicker in-home windows.


Volume Drives Savings

Increase total mail volume, mail processing speed and accuracy and overall postage savings. The more pieces you mail the greater per-piece discount you receive. Our co-mail program groups multiple titles together to increase overall volume going to the same delivery area and results in optimal postal savings and increased speed to market.

Mail Tracking

Gain insight into the delivery performance of your mail program

Track your Mail Program from our Dock to your Customer’s Mailbox. USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) allows you to know where each mailer is anywhere across the U.S. Knowledge of when your mail arrives in-home gives you added flexibility to connect with additional marketing messages, manage staffing at retail and call center locations. This improves the effectiveness of your mail campaigns over time.