nurture customers in both online and offline channels

Using a singular campaign planning tool

Bridge the Channel Gap And Connect With Your Customers Through Dynamic Direct Mail

JourneyMail™ combines the power of highly personalized print with the immediacy of digital as a tangible, highly customized and personal touchpoint. Marketers can now nurture customers in both online and offline channels with one automated campaign planning and execution tool.

  • Keep customers engaged with your brand for life events and milestones like birthdays and anniversaries
  • Respond to browsing activity, ad clicks, incomplete forms, wish lists, abandoned shopping carts or other online behavior
  • Send a thank you to high-value, loyal customers
  • Avoid email barriers like hard bounces or opt-outs
  • Rekindle interest or win back lapsed customers

What is JourneyMail™?

A Quad developed app that lives within Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Giving Marketing Cloud users the ability to add direct mail into automated customer journeys, nurturing customers in both online and offline channels

Create Customized and Personalized Content

  • Target very specific behaviors or events with ‘triggers’
  • Consistent brand messaging across all channels
  • Individualize one-to-one marketing messaging and offers
  • Compliment personalized and segmentation-based marketing
  • Improve marketing ROI with high conversion triggers
  • Increase loyalty and affinity for your brand

It’s Simple, Easy & Automated

JourneyMail™ is native to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, fully integrated with all of a marketer’s data management systems. Real-time analytics give a total view of performance so users know where to improve. Add the JourneyMail™ app to Journey Builder from the Salesforce AppExchange. It’s easy to integrate automated print into digital campaigns. The interface is user-friendly, with simple drag-and-drop navigation.

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