Big brand exposure assembled in seconds

LAMà® Displays provide brand marketers and retailers with consumer-engaging retail signage or presentation materials easily and cost effectively. The simple setup with virtually no assembly helps guarantee full deployment and maximizes your ROI

Flexible & Simple

There’s a LAMà® Display for every application. Unlike other cardboard displays, the LAMà® Display can be assembled in as little as 30 seconds. Regardless of size or shape, these 100% recyclable displays fold flat to 2 inches or less which means your entire marketing campaign arrives in a small, cost-effective carton.

A Superior Solution

Quad is a U.S. licensee, manufacturer and distributor of unique LAMà® Displays from Marin’s International. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, LAMà® Displays are fully customizable through modular add-ons to offer countless solutions.

Portable Perfection

LAMà® Displays are ultra-portable and store compactly. Your floor displays can be folded and ready for the next event in no time.

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