55% of consumer journeys begin on Amazon

Dramatically Improve Ad Performance Within Amazon’s Fast-growing Marketplace

Work with us to manage your budgets effectively at a product category level in Amazon’s market place and optimize spend among ad types such as Sponsored Products. Improve the performance and visibility of your product detail pages while more effectively managing your budget. Optimize spend among ad types in Amazon’s marketplace. 

Understanding Amazon

In the same way Google and Facebook are effective advertising platforms for marketers, Amazon presents opportunities to reach consumers. Amazon Media Group (AMG) offers a variety of ad options such as direct display and video on Amazon properties including Amazon.com, Kindle, and IMDb — options that will prove valuable as part of a smart marketing strategy. Within AMG, Amazon offers Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP. Sponsored Ads is Amazon’s self-serve marketing platform, which enables advertisers to buy ad units on Amazon.com search results. Amazon DSP is Amazon’s programmatic platform that empowers advertisers to market to specific audiences using display ads outside of Amazon.com.