Attention to detail

Could you expand your reach by improving your lists?

The Proper Balance of List Building & List Hygiene

Make your list the best it can be. Quad has been building and optimizing lists for marketer and publishers for decades. We can compile, acquire, clean, build or manage your lists so you can maximize your return. Why pay for a mailing that goes to a vacant building or a bounced email that reaches nobody?

Our best-in-industry approaches include:

List Scoring

The number of names on a list matters, but quality is most important. Quad uses tools that add names based on factors like geography and budget to cut costs and increase response. Our clients choose the factors, then the software finds the best names to add to lists and increase list score.

List Analysis

The work is not done after a postcard hits the mailbox or a text message is read. Campaigns can be improved with smart processes and tools that generate reports on the mailing accuracy. This allows marketers to iterate and cut costs as names are deleted or added.

List Acquisition – Listelligence

An advanced method to score marginal recipients and add those names based on how the actual cost to mail aligns with a budget. This gives our clients the greatest efficiency and most advantageous postal rates while reaching the largest number of quality prospects.

Clean lists save marketers money by lowering bounce and unopen rates. This ultimately increases the return on their print investment.