Foundations of efficiency

Are your people, process and tools structured for success?

Optimized for Best-In-Class Content

Marketers cannot keep up. Many times, this is because they do not have the right resources in place. Quad has the experience and expertise to audit, map, and restructure marketing processes, technology and people for the most efficient and optimized content production possible.

Process Optimization

When incremental changes and quick fixes based on immediate need for increased output do not work anymore, it’s time for a discovery audit and a remapping. We are finding that for a lot of legacy marketing organizations, it takes transformational, fundamental change for them to succeed in today’s fast-paced, consumer-led economy.

Let a team of experts analyze your workflow and build a unified content-first production experience.

70% of businesses can’t integrate their content correctly to maximize sales – Quad can help with that.

Tech Tools for Publishers

Automated systems and tools keep costs low, reduce labor demands and shorten turnaround times in production and fulfillment.

Publisher’s Studio

Connected schedules and tasks

Streamline the process of receiving and handling ad materials with one unified workflow for maximum simplicity.

Publisher’s Studio Editorial

Integrated Content Management

Plan, compile and share information about the stories and editorial projects you produce for print and other media.


Instant placement

Deliver your final advertising efforts into the hands of the publishing world instantly and eliminate the hassle and expense of overnight shipping.