Virtual sets, real savings

Props, backgrounds, styling and lighting all out of thin air — CGI makes it easy to finesse all the details and complete an image virtually

The Beauty is in the Details and the Savings are Clear

Talented CGI artists use non-photographic techniques to create photorealistic, stylized still images as well as videos of your product concepts or prototypes. The final print-ready content stands on its own or complements existing images seamlessly, no matter the print or digital project.

Virtually eliminate the costs of shipping products from the manufacturer, travel for on-site art direction, expensive set fabrication/modifications and storage.

Props, backgrounds, styling, lighting — CGI makes it easy to finesse all the little details that breathe life into your photos.
The right light…and on demand. Why pay photo crews to stand around waiting for the weather to clear? 

CGI is not just for movies or Hollywood cinema budgets – in fact, on average it cost less than a photo shoot.