Award-winning audio

Award-winning music and sound design with audio recording and editing expertise to make your streaming and broadcast productions heard loud and clear.​

Making an impact with better audio

With nimble, full-service audio services, brands can achieve better results, faster turn-around times and higher quality production. Our studios are conveniently located across the globe, and with a centrally located post-production hub in Dallas, projects are easily streamlined and efficient.

With end-to-end in-house capabilities, clients can reduce risks and take advantage of economies of scale not available with providers that outsource much of the production.

Expert audio and beyond

From script-writing to casting, voice-overs and recording sessions to post-production editing, we’ve got you covered. We go above and beyond when it comes to producing, creating and editing audio for video, celestial and satellite radio. We’ll even tag, version, upload and traffic all your spots.


Efficient, convenient and easy. Quad’s audio production and editing services allow brands to produce high impact and high-quality streaming and broadcast messages.