Quad Joins Ad Age Publisher’s Panel

February 9, 2021

In-store Activation Helps Power X2 Energy Drinks Debut

Quad’s Eric Ashworth and Tiffany Curry join X2 Performance CEO Mark French and multicultural marketer UWG Chair & CEO Monique Nelson to discuss the successful launch of X2 Energy Drinks

X2 Energy Drinks are a product with a purpose—clean, all-natural performance supplements with the motto “Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.” That made it especially important to convey the brand’s story during its 2020 rollout. Quad teamed up with the products’ manufacturer, who secured the endorsement of L.A. Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard, and multicultural marketer UWG for the launch and created an in-store experience that showcased X2’s purpose and motivated shoppers to put it in their carts.