Create a Lasting Impression for Your Special Interest Publications

May 7, 2019

Ideas to Keep Readers Engaged with Content

The enhancements you’ll find in these videos will engage readers on page longer. Spark renewed interest in advertiser content when it’s uniquely positioned and presented as cover or interior page treatments. Employ these ideas to Create a Lasting Impression with both advertisers and readers.

French Gate Cover

Uniquely reveal advertiser or editorial content.

Cover with Removable Bookmark

Give your readers something they can use long after they’ve read the magazine.

8 Page Perforated Poster

This dramatic addition to any issue unfolds to a large display area.

4 Page Perfect Bound Bind-in Advertisement

A multi-page bind-in for featured products or content.

6 Page Rollfold Bind-in

Unroll this versatile insert for a panorama display.

Blow-in Card

Ride-along content from affiliate partners falls into the reader lap.

This is just a sampling of what’s possible. Contact us if you would like to see additional formats or discuss specific.