Take 7 Steps to a More Efficient Process

January 11, 2019

Even if change is the only constant, it seems to happen quicker in marketing with new roles, technology and channels. And as the industry shifts, marketers don’t always think they have the time or space to evolve.

Workflow issues only get more difficult to correct with time as things keep changing. Quick, temporary fixes might feel like the only solution when teams have to move fast. In fact, it’s crucial to pause and step back.

Don’t let complexity take root deep in processes.

There are seven steps that must take place to expose inefficiencies and improve processes. This approach is scalable and disciplined, and builds better workflows.

  1. Make sure the right people are all in. Get clarity and consensus before any work gets underway.
  2. Develop the scope and objectives. Get everyone on the same page with common goals to work toward.
  3. Get a baseline to start. Find out what stakeholders think about where things stand, then distribute a project agenda and timeline.
  4. Begin discovery. Diagram current processes, uncover pain points and watch for where productivity hits roadblocks.
  5. Share findings. Make sure stakeholders agree with and understand the current state of workflow.
  6. Recommend a future-state. Make recommendations that might include new automation technology, organizational structure and workflow.
  7. Implement recommendations. With consensus to move ahead, make necessary changes to personnel, technology and process.

Change doesn’t wait for “a good time” to improve operations, and it’s important to recognize the need to start sooner rather than later. These seven steps help do just that.