How Virtual DM Testing Cuts Costs, Delivers Results

September 14, 2018

Research shows that direct mail remains relevant and plays an important role in a multichannel mix. With the right strategy, it’s a tentpole for other tactics, lifting them to higher response and conversion rates. DM can move the needle — and marketers can push it further.

That’s easier than some might think. Predictive technology can give marketers greater confidence with an edge in accuracy over traditional testing. Accelerated Insights (AI) is the first and only virtual before-market testing platform, and the results are hard to ignore.

AI statistically validates direct mail options before anything goes to press. Built on 40 years of experience in the channel, the platform ends speculation and guesswork to accurately predict results.

How it works

The Accelerated Insights Simulator is a cloud-based application with secure access to results anytime. The virtual testing tells more than simply if an audience will respond — marketers will know what they’ll respond to, what’s important to them. AI virtually tests 1,200 versions for each of 20 cells, for 24,000 combinations. This along with a look-alike segment of the 3.2 million participants in AI’s survey panel leads to the best offer, message, imagery and format that will inspire consumers to take action. With those in place users will know which combination to mail, and what results to expect. AI is reliable to within 97 percent of projections to give a competitive advantage that translates to increased ROI.

What it takes

With the right tools, a mailing list can be a catalyst for revenue even when factoring in those who haven’t purchased in some time. Likewise, the tested content can be expansive, as more options will lead to more accurate results.

Create a test matrix of those 24,000 combinations with the attributes and variables to learn which are most effective. Based on this, the AI tool-set precisely predicts how high the lift in response will be over the control package. The technology buckets virtual respondents by standard demographics, and even psychographics to learn what variables will deliver a deeper emotional connection with customers.

What to expect

The right format, imagery, messaging and offers will make that deep connection. AI tests each factor and puts together the ideal package for the best response. Those results typically range from an 18-27 percent boost over the control package. Marketers will understand the key triggers that convince consumers to act — what they actually value and what they ignore.

Benefits start even before pieces enter the postal system. Since AI delivers valid results in 60 days, it cuts testing time by 75 percent from the two years it would take to run comparable A/B testing. This impacts costs, too, cutting as much as 90 percent from budgets. Add the improved ROI from a more effective package, and AI gives 10 times the insights at 10 percent of what marketers pay for traditional testing.

Add it up

Accelerated Insights experts will help craft your piece with new, relevant formats and the perfect creative, without speculation and guesswork. Practical data combined with design innovation gives you an impactful piece and increased ROI.

AI helps find more customers, increase response rate and improve share-of-wallet. Mail smarter without mailing more, when science meets emotion.