3 Ways to Guarantee Direct Mail is Read, Every Time!

August 13, 2017

The habitual two piles—everybody makes them—one to keep and one to recycle. Savvy consumers decide very quickly which mail pieces to dump and which to spend more time with.

Print marketing should resonate instantly.

Consumers value offers for things they’re interested in and notice designs and layouts that match personal tastes.

Consumers do not dump mail that matters.

So what matters?

Direct Mail Personalization

The concept is not new—shopping started this way. From the Silk Road to small town America mom-and-pop shops, merchants chatted with their customers, got to know the things they needed and liked, and even jotted notes on anniversaries, birthdays and milestones. Really, this was the first version of a CRM system.

Shop owners used this data to do their ordering, make suggestions and have the right products ready for their customers. These interactions and care defined the personal experience, created loyalty and kept customers coming back.

Now, even though the retail world is a massive, multichannel jungle of choices, the contemporary consumer craves and expects personal experiences outside the realm of face-to-face interactions.


Think back to when everyone consumed the same television media at the same time. In 1980, 76% of viewing families tuned in to the famous Dallas episode, and for months after, everyone from the mailman to the Queen was asking “Who shot JR?”

Now, we have an enormous amount of on-demand content options. Wildly popular services like Netflix, Hulu and Sling TV give viewers rows of personalized suggestions and consumers watch exactly what they want, at the exact time they want to. We live in a world of streaming services that play songs, suggest movies and send menus based on past clicks and swipes.

That shift is surging through marketing and advertising too. Consumers don’t pay attention to irrelevant messages and digital marketers have become really good at tracking online behavior to individually target and retarget consumers. What about using this same practice to inform your direct mail programs?

Direct mail personalization is now a major player

Just as television programming and digital marketing are most effective when personalized to individual consumers, so is direct mail marketing. Now for consumer marketing, mass mailings or sending identical pieces to database segments is more likely to get you dumped. Blow-out deals, great new products and eye-catching designs are not going to cut it in an age where everything from songs, books, meals and outfits are selected and presented as personalized suggestions specific to individual consumers.

Guarantee Your Marketing Mail Gets Read.

Send to the

A good list of people are those who may be interested in what you are selling. The exact right people are those who are most likely to make a purchase. To figure this out, savvy marketers use a unique combination of customer data (CRM), transaction history and online behavior (page visits, searches, cart activity). This data, along with predictive algorithms determine which of the millions of reachable consumers are most likely to convert. The outcome becomes a selected audience of the exact right people.

These are the consumers who will actually appreciate, welcome and respond to a mailed offering.

Send the

A good offer could be based on product and price, but the exact right offer is not determined by any of those things—it is all about the consumer. Using customer data, transaction history and online behavior data, machine learning is able to determine the perfect combination of products and offers that are most relevant to each individual.

When consumers receive offers based on their regular purchasing habits or something they were thinking about buying, the message has meaning for them.

And what’s really happening? Advanced marketers are tracking buying habits, abandoned cart items and millions of website clicks to strategically generate the meaningful messages and offers. Insights are used to determine what combination of products and offers will be most meaningful to individual customers.

Consumers actually appreciate, welcome and respond to these offers.

Send the

A good creative layout may have all the latest product trends in a premier spot but the exact right creative is curated and designed with images, color schemes and other elements that fit each person based on what they’ve clicked on and responded to online. Each mail piece should be completely unique to the recipient.

These perfect creative layouts are a result of data, machine learning and algorithms which together predict the layout that will get the highest response rate from each individual.

The combination of mailing to the exact right consumer, with the exact right offer and layout becomes MAIL THAT MATTERS to consumers and therefore pays off in big ways for marketers looking to increase conversion rates and return on investment.