The Performance Marketing Reckoning

June 29, 2020

How to Renew Brand Building

In Search of Balance

Swift and unforeseen, the disruptor of 2020 is shadowing preceding ones and leaving very little unaffected. Normal no longer exists and our sense of balance has been torn away. As for commerce, as the strong get stronger and the weak fade away, what will define a healthy business from here forward? For sure, the long-needed rebalancing of marketing, which was underway before the current market conditions, will happen much faster as we emerge into a new post-pandemic market.

This report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services confirms the importance of balancing brand building and performance marketing and gives practical strategies to do that. It also points to the next big phase in marketing operations, where true integration will become the way of the future.

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The Performance Marketing Reckoning: How to Renew Brand Building