Sustainable Packaging & Brand Identity: Part 3

May 11, 2020

Do brand recognition and coupons improve response to sustainability logos?

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Sustainable Packaging & Brand Identity Part 3: National Brand Inclusion and Incentive

A look at how sustainability ratings affect purchase

Parts one and two of this eye-tracking retail study showed that sustainability logos on packages alone won’t attract much attention or influence purchase. But consumer education ahead of time and in-store makes a positive difference.

Part three goes a step further. It asks if brand affinity changes with lower ratings. Will consumers change their minds if what they usually buy isn’t sustainable?

Additionally, researchers studied whether a coupon that touted logos would increase likelihood of purchase. Would it offset the perception that sustainability means “more expensive”?

Corporate social responsibility definitively influences what the public buys. Part three of the study finds more insights about packaging’s role in telling an effective sustainability story.