Specialty Coatings and Their Impact on Consumers

May 23, 2019

How do customers perceive specialty coatings on packaging and does it influence their decisions?

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Specialty Coatings and Their Impact on Consumers

Without research, brands are wasting their packaging dollars on specialty coatings that fail to attract the consumer

“Intimately understand your category – enhancements emphasize your message and influence shopper perception and user experience.”
– Dr. Andrew Hurley

In the past few years, our customers have been asking us how to utilize specialty coatings on their packaging. The questions our customers had were: how to use specialty coatings? When should you use specialty coatings? Why would we want to use specialty coatings?

Quad and Package InSight teamed up to develop this revolutionary study that tests the hypothesis of whether or not using specialty coatings on packaging increases consumer engagement and sales.