Perception to Persuasion: How Security Tags Add Value and Deter Theft

June 4, 2021

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How Security Tags Add Value and Deter Theft

Research collaboration seeks to understand tagging’s effect on sales

RFID security stickers are effective in loss prevention, even for two of the top loss prevention categories in drug stores — allergy remedies and shaving needs. But do tags affect consumers’ purchase decisions? If so, are the effects positive or negative?

Quad partnered with CVS and Checkpoint to determine whether these tags placed on packaging influence consumer behavior. To find answers, the teams worked with Package InSight, a consumer research organization that uses sensitive but unobtrusive biometric technology to study brand packaging performance, consumer attention and shelf impact.

Package InSight has created a fully stocked, state-of-the-art retail laboratory at its headquarters. Participants shop from a list while wearing eye-tracking glasses that measure focus and fixation on packaging elements in the controlled environment.

Other studies end with qualitative data — responses to survey questions and only the results of behavior. Package InSight quantitatively studies the why to uncover factors that even participants aren’t aware of, including emotional responses.

This research collaboration uniquely connects the needs of retailers with those of CPG brands. Everyone in these partnerships wants the same things, to sell product and deter theft. The tension often lies in finding consensus for how best to deter it, and for who owns the tagging process.

The study considers where on the packaging security tags are placed, balancing what they cover with whether consumers notice them. It seeks to determine whether tags are most efficient and effective when applied in manufacturing, distribution centers or retail. And the research discerns whether consumer attention to tags correlates with purchase.

Following the retail lab work, a qualitative survey asked participants their opinions on various retail security devices, the feelings they elicit, and how they impact shopper’s perception of product value.

This white paper reports data on the study’s findings, and draws conclusions that will help retailers, CPG brand owners and packaging designers understand how consumers perceive RFID security stickers.