Choose the Right Healthcare Marketing Partner

July 26, 2019

Hello, Healthcare

Let us re-introduce ourselves. We’re Quad. You knew us as Quad/Graphics, but times are changing. And we’re changing with them.

Change is something you know all about, Healthcare.

  • You’re in the middle of a historic shift in the way providers are paid for the work they do
  • You’re experiencing an influx of clinical data by way of the electronic medical record
  • Regulations complicate the way you care for your patients
  • Your consumers are demanding a delightful experience during their most stressful times
  • Companies like Google, Apple, Walmart and Amazon are eyeing your territory and positioning themselves to be major disruptors in your industry

The common denominator of these changes is your relationship with the consumer.

  • Organizations that successfully shift from a fee-for-service model to fee-for-value typically serve large populations and are expert at engaging those consumers
  • Those companies who are great at engaging healthcare consumers know how to analyze their personal and clinical data to target the right person at the right time
  • Those successful at delighting their consumers anticipate their needs and meet them early on
  • Organizations successful at keeping consumers happy can fend off any competitor, even the behemoths

Meeting the challenge of today’s healthcare market requires a laser focus on consumer engagement

Success today requires you to understand and engage your consumers wherever they are. And as margins thin and regulations increase, success requires that you engage your consumers efficiently.

Health and wellness campaigns, acquisition campaigns and brand campaigns are integral to your efforts to improve care, manage costs and satisfy patients. These are major efforts that take months of planning and sometimes years of execution. With so much on the line, your choice of a marketing partner has major implications.

Consumer engagement campaigns are integral to your efforts to improve care, manage costs and satisfy patients

So, Healthcare, we invite you to look at our capabilities around marketing strategy, creative services, media deployment and marketing management. And keep checking out the Quad Healthcare page for unique insights into healthcare marketing. When you’re ready for a partner who can help you know and engage your customers better, contact us.