Paul has been immersed in the Packaging industry his entire career. He joined Quad in 2013 when we acquired Proteus Packaging. He is a board member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. His deep understanding of package operations, passion for sustainability and customer service experience make Paul an exemplary leader at Quad. Paul has a bachelor’s degree in business from Cardinal Stritch University.

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Beyond the Box: Where is Sustainable Packaging Heading?

Consumer packaged goods brands have two primary audiences — consumers and retailers. […]

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Forests in Focus — Tool Cuts Risks to Sustainable Supply Chains

Most assume that consumers want to buy more sustainable products and data […]

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Package Deal: Research Reveals What Motivates Shoppers to Buy

People buy with their eyes. Grocers and brand managers know it’s an […]

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Total Packaging: Digital Print and Data to Personalize Consumer Goods

Packaging is more dynamic than ever. Shorter runs with custom designs for […]

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Packaging: Marketing’s New Frontier

No longer just vessels to transport and display products—today, the best packaging […]

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Opportunities for Brands to Make Packaging More Sustainable

CPG brands have two major audiences, consumers and retailers. And both expect […]

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