Drawing from more than two decades as a marketing leader, Peggy Munnagle acts as the voice of the customer internally as Quad expands its marketing solutions services. Her value to Quad’s customers is apparent in her consumer innovation work at Best Buy, and in building marketing strategies and planning media as VP of Marketing Communications at Kohl’s Department Stores. Evaluating opportunities through the lens of consumer and employee insights, Peggy is a vocal champion for a customer-centric approach.

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More than Ever, It’s Time to Evaluate Non-Working Marketing Spend

After the remarkable events of 2020 and ongoing volatility and financial strain, […]

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Prepare Your Marketing Operations for the Next Big Shake-up

The 2020 global pandemic has been a wakeup call for all. Big, […]

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How to Make 1 + 1 = 3: Integrate Digital With Direct Marketing

Because of constant pressure to cut marketing budgets yet improve results, marketers […]

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