Jeff has been with Quad for 33 years, spending the past 10 as Executive Director of Postal Solutions. His responsibilities include all areas of the business that deal with any aspect of mailing. That puts postal estimating, co-mailing, postal prep, Quad Data Solutions, commingling, postal strategy and postal affairs under his umbrella. His educational background in mathematics and computer science has played a key role in the strategic postal optimization employed across Quad's entire platform. The postal solutions teams enhance postal prep and help lead the direction of the industry, under Jeff's guidance.

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Postal Webcast Recap: Even With Postage Increases, Customers Have Options

Sharon Owens, the United States Postal Service’s Vice President of Pricing & […]

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Postal Webcast Recap: Early Holiday Start and Election Caps Off 2020

The Postal Service’s new fiscal year began October 1, closing the books […]

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Key Takeaways From Quad’s Conference of Postal Industry Leaders

Quad’s 21st Postal Conference in Washington, D.C. convened last week to discuss […]

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