A direct marketing veteran with expertise in marketing, technology and finance, Art educates and encourages Quad direct marketing clients, working hand-in-hand with marketers and publishers to leverage the power of their customer data into highly personalized marketing solutions. Art has developed award-winning programs for industry-leading brands by mining customer data and analyzing markets, then developing models, personas and integrated contact strategies.

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How to Find the Data That Motivates Consumers – 4 Steps Help Direct Mail Deliver

Consumer data is plentiful. In fact, it’s overwhelming. We know the who, […]

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Banks Can Improve Connection with Customers Through Emotional Insights

Some customers are inclined to avoid bank tellers, while others demand time […]

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How direct marketers can use emotional insights to ‘stack the deck’ for better outcomes

Marketers today are buried in demographic data. The key is to unlock […]

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Predictive analytics is changing the direct mail testing game

Direct marketing veteran Art Hall doesn’t need a crystal ball to predict […]

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Use Segmentation to Tap into Consumer Emotional Insights

Segmentation. Marketers live or die by how well they know their target […]

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Smart Ways to Mail – Recapture the Ones That Got Away

ABC Company says they want me back. But based on the direct […]

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