As leader of Quad’s Marketing Solutions team of consultants, Andy helps clients increase campaign response rates. After identifying challenges, Andy’s team designs and tests solutions that analyze data in order to optimize a program’s performance. Andy connects relevant data with effective campaigns across channels through personas and testing platforms to inspire audiences to take action.

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How healthcare marketers can use virtual direct mail testing

When it comes to direct mail, healthcare marketers know the key to […]

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A Digital Revolution to Testing Direct Mail

Testing methodology helps your direct mail better engage with healthcare consumers Engaging […]

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New and Powerful Marketing Combo: Virtual Testing Using Emotion

Most marketers don’t have the luxury of time and budget. They use […]

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How Virtual DM Testing Cuts Costs, Delivers Results

Research shows that direct mail remains relevant and plays an important role […]

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Stretch Your Direct Mail Testing Budget Using These 5 Strategies

Direct mail budgets continue to deflate. But the intense pressure to deliver […]

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