Quad will be holding its third annual QLife Virtual 5K Walk/Run/Roll event the weekend of August 27-28, 2022. More details will be released as the kickoff date approaches.

Employees across the company celebrated Quad’s 50th anniversary by participating in the 2nd Annual QLife Virtual 5K Walk/Run/Roll July 11 through July 18.

Employees may still purchase a commemorative water bottle for $6. Place your order by logging in to the Quad/Boutique and clicking on the “50th Anniversary” category.

This event qualifies as a Well-being Activity for QLife Rewards, open to all employees and spouses enrolled in a Quad medical plan.

Helpful Resources

Training Schedule – This calendar provides daily activities for those looking to prepare for the 5K.

Getting Started 2021 – Haven’t participated in a virtual race before? Learn more about what a 5K entails.

The Importance of Stretching – A beginner’s guide to stretching and flexibility.

QuadMed Physical Therapy Services – Stay injury-free by getting the proper physical therapy.

5K Day Preparations – Tips to make your 5K day a success!         

Healthy Nutrition and Hydration – How to apply the right nutrition and hydration to your training.

Fitness Resources – Learn more about the right gear, running myths and more. 

Highlights from 2020 QLife Virtual 5K

To celebrate Quad’s 50th Anniversary, more than 1,300 Quad employees, family members and friends signed up to participate in this year’s QLife Virtual 5K Walk/Run/Roll. It was truly a global affair as individuals from eight countries and 37 U.S. states participated.

We have received more than 150 photos and 100 testimonials from participants who all enjoyed the event in their own way. Some walked; some ran; and some even went out on skates. Participants used the 5K as a chance to be with family, bond with co-workers and motivate their health journeys.