Opportunity Runs
Jan. 1 – Oct. 31, 2022

QLife Rewards Home

Your skills can make a real difference in your surrounding communities. This year, earn toward QLife rewards by dedicating time to community service and giving back to someone in need. 

Get Involved

Giving back can be fun, creative and purposeful. You can volunteer with local organizations or participate in a national awareness campaign. Be creative and make it as personal and heartfelt as possible.

Listed below is a short list of examples of how to get involved.

  • Serve seniors in the community. 
  • Volunteer mentorship or tutoring services. 
  • Sign up for an initiative to aid people experiencing homelessness.  
  • Participate in a community clean-up event.  
  • Help at a local animal rescue shelter.   
  • Team up with other Quad employees to participate in a local event, activity at a plant or other company-wide initiative.   

Make it Count

Maybe you’re already volunteering, serving at your place of worship, taking care of a loved one or involved in other selfless acts. Make it count towards QLife Rewards. We’d love to learn about all the great things you’re already doing. 

Quad Initiatives that Qualify for This Step

  • Participate in an Earth Month Site Pickup
  • Volunteer at a Summer Celebration Event
Submit Your Volunteer Story

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