Consumer thinking & behavior

As state-by-state restrictions ease, consumer mindsets and shopping patterns will adapt. Pent-up demand may drive consumers to splurge on non-essential items. However, financial and health & wellness concerns will continue to shape overall purchasing behavior.

Competitive sets

Breaking through the advertising noise will be challenging as local businesses turn their marketing dollars back on. The landscape will also continue to shift thanks to evolving consumer behaviors and expectations, creating a window of opportunity to gain market and mindshare.

Budgets & resources

Marketers will need to do more with less as budgets are cut and teams are stretched to the limit. Constantly changing rules and regulations require marketers to plan for multiple scenarios and incremental tactics, putting an additional strain on resources.

Data & planning

Historical truths are less relevant as year-over-year metrics and comp store sales can no longer help to plan for the near term. New insights and measurement approaches will be needed to understand what is working and what needs to be done to safely drive short-term and mid-term sales.

Now what?

Facing a new consumer mindset, what can marketers do to break through the noise without historical truths or past data AND with fewer resources?

Be bold

Go against the grain

There’s an old adage in marketing: “In good times you should advertise. In bad times you must advertise.” This command is backed up by significant research. Companies that maintain or increase marketing spend during recessionary periods drive incremental revenue and market share growth during the downturn and long afterward.

In these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to stand apart from your competition, find new ways to make media work harder, and to connect with your consumer like never before. We believe the practical solutions presented throughout this guide will help you navigate and thrive in the New Reality.

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Practical solutions to implement today

Quad offers a truly integrated portfolio of marketing solutions to help you effectively manage through these unprecedented times and get back to business — market by market.

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1. Deploy quick local media

2. Reignite digital for traffic

3. Change up your measurement approach

4. Get creative with limited resources

5. Prep your space for safety