International retail chain

Quality, quantity and selection are critical factors for retail success. Consumers want options — the more there is to browse, the more they’ll find to buy. But a big inventory can’t sacrifice efficiency. Balancing promotions with real-time pricing and availability is tough on its own. Doing it with several partners — marketers, merchants, agencies and management — hurts speed and agility.


This global retailer’s product lines grew exponentially with its rise to the top of the industry. But its marketing team still relied on spreadsheets and email to organize inventory. They risked losing control of tracking what customers could buy.

  • Missed promotional campaign deadlines without view of real-time data
  • Poor collaboration with multiple sources for product info
  • Slow processes and mistakes due to manual spreadsheets
  • Suboptimal sales because team couldn’t track rush of new products


Quad assessed the retailer’s needs and worked with them to customize a unified source of truth for digital promotions. The online tool helps marketers organize programs with a total view of all product and price data.

  • Integrates client project- and data management systems into one
  • Captures real-time edits and promotes sharing across teams
  • Simplifies product data and selection with interface familiar to Excel users
  • Controls access and visibility for fields based on roles


The tool automates the retailer’s slow manual processes. It draws info directly from connected client inventory sources. Anyone with access sees exactly what colleagues do at any given time.

  • Captures 70+ data elements per item
  • Completely cuts out need for manual spreadsheets
  • Adds items to system 15x faster than before
  • Eliminates all errors that come with multiple versions