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Spending smarter on media

Real-time data analytics to increase ROI

Case study national health and beauty aid

National Health & Beauty Aid

Over the course of 75 years, this lip balm manufacturer grew from small family brand to nationwide industry leader. It’s stood the test of time by remaining true to its roots with simple ingredients and direct marketing. More than anything else, it delivers on its brand promise without fail.


The industry evolves, though, as does the media landscape. For most of its history, the company put the bulk of its marketing budget into paid media — broadcast and other traditional channels. But new product launches were either suboptimal or flat, with very little return on their investment. The brand needed to reach a younger generation of customers, and to limit overhead expenses for campaigns.


Quad’s first step was to get all departments involved on the same page. The company’s agency of record, along with its packaging division, in-store team and direct mail experts operated in separate silos, with little collaboration on launch strategy or execution.

A team of strategists from across Quad’s media, packaging, creative and digital groups partnered with the company’s agencies and marketers. Together they mapped the media-buy process and reduced the number of parties involved to a lean, core group to prevent overhead costs.

Strategists planned for an iterative approach to media spend, with budget spread across a number of digital and social media channels. The key was to track performance — to know what did and did not work in real time, then adjust spend accordingly.

Finally, a combination of coupons and samples gives consumers incentive to put the product to the test. Packaging found a single-use sample solution, which replaces a full tube for trial that would last six months. This gives a clearer picture of success immediately at launch.


  • Program will improve product speed to market
  • Plan reduces third-party vendor list
  • Smart media spend ensures greater return on investment
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