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Merging data for 1.6 million skus on four systems into one shared platform

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Regional sporting goods retailer

Retailers didn’t think about e-commerce and digital advertising when they started corporate marketing departments decades ago. Today’s consumers shop endless virtual aisles for every possible option online. Ads extend to partner sites, social media, programmatic campaigns — each with unique needs for image assets. And offline channels call for different creative files. Building, managing and delivering content for so many products stretches traditional marketing teams and tools too far.


This retailer stored photography, metadata and other product info across four separate internal systems. They didn’t have conventions for file names or folders. Data was incomplete. Photography was inconsistent. Creatives and vendors were frustrated.

  • Marketing burned through budget reshooting image assets
  • Manual processes slowed work and caused mistakes
  • Missing data for products created confusion
  • Designers struggled with low-resolution photo files
  • Merchandisers couldn’t submit offers easily


Quad worked with the retailer to design and install an online hub to manage assets, products, data and offers.

  • Helps designers plan ad layouts with versioned templates
  • Imports data to tie offers to the right images and copy
  • Uploads ads for collaborative merchant review
  • Publishes approved content and sends to printer
  • Generates final reports for ad performance


The platform seamlessly distributes the retailer’s assets, prices and data for available products. It merges print and digital channels for single-campaign projects. And it allows merchandisers to customize offers for specific audiences.

  • Gives everyone easy access to 800,000 image assets
  • Pulls content from four separate management systems together
  • Organizes data for 1.6 million SKUs in one networked location
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