International Publisher

Much more than a magazine publisher, this iconic media company funds conservation efforts across the planet. For more than a century, its stunning photography and storytelling have inspired audiences to support worthy causes and experience new travel destinations.


Along with new ownership and a shift from non-profit status came the need to boost ad revenue by increasing subscriptions, which were down. The publisher had to reduce costs to produce its magazines and grow its audience for more advertising income. That meant creating stronger content with a smaller budget, a problem leadership didn’t know how to solve.


Quad’s Process Optimization team worked with the company to understand its workflow — what it takes for teams to publish from start to finish and who was involved at each stage. Process Ops then defined all roles and responsibilities, and mapped the company’s current state.

Next, experts worked with the publisher’s IT department to build a structure with a single source of truth. The goal was to create a shared, centralized space for collaboration and asset management, with no handoffs across departments or agencies. Quad’s onsite production services team made that a smooth experience from the beginning.


  • Saved $2.4 million in first year
  • Cut 35 days from production schedule
  • Reduced overhead costs with tools and training