Global Life Insurance Provider

The largest mutual life insurer in the United States provides personalized protection plans to individuals and companies. The company has been in business for 170+ years, and consumers consistently rate it higher than any other life insurer in the country.


The insurance industry faces a number of new challenges affecting costs and sales. Through most of this client’s history, insurance was a face-to-face proposition where agents personalized policies after conversations with each customer.

Today, customers expect all information to be available to them through their channel of choice and prefer not to meet in person. While direct mail can be key for attracting new clients; the company had poor response in this channel. Designers and writers felt stifled by regulatory guidelines and compliance requirements that limited their creativity and were unclear what attracted new customers. Testing direct mail was expensive and time consuming. Still, they needed insights to inform their campaigns.


A virtual testing platform cuts time and money from traditional testing. It tells the creative team exactly what elements work — Accelerated Marketing Insights predicts direct mail performance with 97 percent accuracy at 10 percent of the cost with results in just 60 days.

Using the insurer’s data, Quad strategists developed target audience profiles for testing. Then applied a set of motivational personas built on demographics and emotional characteristics. These virtual survey participants respond to thousands of combinations of creative, formats and offers.

The result is a matrix of cells with package variables. The testing platform evaluates each packet component along with how they would work together in a final direct mail piece. The company ran tests against three control packages from existing campaigns, with results that predicted an 18 percent lift in response over the control.


  • Gained clear insight into what drives response
  • Increased responses over control package by 19%
  • Now have a best in class control package