Relevance & timeliness empower healthiness

Increase Participation and Your Return on Investment

As a global provider of integrated marketing solutions for healthcare and pharmacy benefit management organizations, we are comfortable with high compliance and managed care materials, and will help you reach consumers in every step of the communication life cycle.

By offering solutions that deliver relevant, personalized content in multiple channels, our world-class platform includes all facets of data, print and digital solutions, and fosters an integrated and secure workflow that streamlines the processes of developing, implementing and delivering consumer-centric communications.

More than half (51%) of Millennials do not know what a co-pay is.

CUSTOMER FOCUS® Research Study 2015

Make Wellness a Top Priority

In today’s healthcare landscape, consumers are expected to choose from a variety of health plans, wade through cost and quality information on providers, and make sense of complicated medical information on services and treatments. In addition, they are expected to manage their chronic conditions while seeking preventive treatments and advice from providers. In many cases, consumers are not taking on all of this responsibility. Making consumers agents for their own healthcare can be achieved using targeted marketing strategies. With experience in the health plan and pharmacy-benefits marketplace we offer industry-specific, technology-driven solutions that bridge the gap between marketing, sales, member relations, customer service and compliance. 

  • Activate consumers to manage their own healthcare needs
  • Create a one-to-one relationship with enrollees
  • Align your communications with life events
  • Provide information that addresses specific health issues
  • Better manage print inventory and fulfillment 

We Can Help

Improve your most important events with customized and efficient ways to develop open enrollment and plan communications that help inform participants and assist them in making the best choices when selecting benefits.

  • Create personalized, timely communications that empower participants to make the right decisions
  • Use existing data to customize forms, mailings and ID cards across multiple channels
  • Increase loyalty by versioning for specific life events, such as marriage, new baby or new home
  • Utilize health history information to create targeted, relevant communications for specific health issues
  • Print on demand for up-to-date enrollee kits and more to manage costs and inventory overruns

Our goal is to improve the communication process, lower cost and drive results. Streamline the benefits process with personalized communications that take them through the decision-making process step by step.