Meet your audience on their terms

Today’s E-tailers Use a Wide Range of Marketing and Communications Channels to Create Brand Awareness, Engagement and Drive Revenue Online

Whether you’re selling books, coffee beans, shoes, toys or wild bird seed – reaching your target audience with relevant and timely content is paramount.

About 1 in 2 (49%) Millennials wish that some companies they do business with had a catalog.

Quad/Graphics Customer Focus Research® Study 2014

Attract More Customers and Revenue

Each day consumers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages. Skillfully blending the latest online and mobile techniques with direct mail, catalogs and publication print help cut through the media clutter.

  • Connect more relevantly to your target audience in their home
  • Tailor messaging and offers directly to your audience of prospects or high-value customers
  • Integrate content for simultaneous and streamlined page layout and production across all channels
  • Develop content that resonates with your audience segments

We Can Help

Our approach incorporates print and related channel executions to ensure you have greater reach and reflect relevancy to more customers. Our solutions also take advantage of proven results that show the power integrated campaigns have to drive greater results and ROI.

  • Target hard-to-reach consumers with high-impact direct marketing campaigns
  • Increase response rates and generate more sales with highly personalized direct mail
  • Store, update, categorize, access and deploy photos, copy blocks, video content, and related imaging assets across all online, mobile and print channels
  • Leverage data insights to generate more relevant content