Postal Conference Session Presentations

Conference Session Recordings

USPS Pricing Direction and Impacts

Sharon Owens, VP of Pricing and Costing for the Postal Service, previews July 2022 rate hikes and shares insights on USPS pricing going forward.

Quad Impact of Pricing Change

Jeff Henke, Quad Executive Director of Postal Solutions, and Bob Schimek, Quad Director of Postal Affairs, break out the impact of the mid-2022 rate increases across mail categories.

Mill to Mailbox Challenge

Chris Grond, Quad President of Paper Services; Dave Honan, Quad Chief Operating Officer; and Kelly Vanderboom, Quad EVP & Treasurer and President of Logistics, talk about the impact of the past two years on postage & delivery, paper, production/labor and logistics/freight.

USPS New Network

Mike Plunkett, President & CEO of PostCom; Hamilton Davison, President & Executive Director of ACMA; and Bob Schimek, Director of Postal Affairs for Quad, discuss industry-led initiatives to help the USPS improve mail flow.

USPS Promotions

Kara Richmond, Maureen Noe and Kathy Lund from Quad review promotions available from the USPS that offer mailers discounts.

Solutioning Session

Quad Executive Director of Postal Solutions presents a variety of strategies to reduce per-piece mail costs.

Legislative Landscape

Pat Henderson, Quad Director of Government Affairs, discusses the long path to passage of the Postal Services Reform Act of 2022, and what needs to happen next to keep the USPS healthy.

Postal Perspectives & Industry Association Updates

Steve Kearney, Executive Director of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers; Hamilton Davison, President & Executive Director of ACMA; Mike Plunkett, President & CEO of PostCom, and Quad’s Bob Schimek hold a free-wheeling discussion about the USPS and looming issues affecting business mailers.

MATC Updates

Quad Postal Affairs Manager Lisa Wurman provides updates from the Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee.