Improving every day

We apply continuous improvement methods to all our environmental impacts, from air emissions to water and energy consumption to greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentally Principled Print

Quad always looks for ways to print more with less, and we recycle most of what’s left. Those reusable products include:

  • Paper
  • Strapping
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Metal plates and parts
  • Wood
  • Preprint
  • Cardboard

And our sustainability commitment goes beyond print — Quad works to be environmentally friendly in ways that make sense for every area of the company.

  • Today’s changing world brings heightened responsibilities to manage risk, ensure resiliency and reduce exposure. We understand the importance of protecting the critical data and intellectual property our customers entrust to us. Equally critical is safeguarding a reliable, sustained business operation.
  • We run our supply chain for maximum efficiency, with Quad facilities built strategically across the country to cut down on fuel emissions.
  • We participate in our customers’ environmental initiatives. This means Quad takes on projects like sourcing environmentally friendly paper and submitting year-end certified fiber reporting.
  • Quad gives customers several options for recycled fiber content in print, with different grades of paper for any purpose.
  • We manufacture inks with renewable content that far exceed requirements. Quad’s Enviro/Tech® inks maintain superior performance and quality, with a smaller ecological impact.